RESIDENTIAL FREE estimates on:

  • Roof repair on all types of roof
  • Roofing of all types: shingles, tile (both cement and clay)
  • Metal roofs (standing seam and 5 v crimp)


  • Reroofing on all types of roof
  • Flat roofs are installed using either hot asphalt or self adhering style
  • Both styles of flat roofs use modified bitumen

COMMERCIAL FREE estimates on:

Repairs to all types of roofs regardless of the type of materials on the existing built up roof.

Flat roof restorations on condominiums and commercial buildings are done utilizing the newest products on the market. New products on the market make it possible to restore roofs that are less than 20 years old without using waterproofing materials that just seal in the existing moisture which is always on the roof, preventing the moisture from evaporation, trapping the moisture in the membranes thus rotting them out quicker. The new restorative products are composed of a bituminous material that brings the original modified bitumen back to life. These restorative products carry a MAJOR MANUFACTURER’S NO DOLLAR LIMIT WARRANTY, which simply means that the roofer applying the material is certified by the manufacturer and a manufacturer’s representative will be on the roof at the time of application to oversee that all installations are done according to their specifications to qualify for the NDL WARRANTY.